Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco

Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco
Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit from ACDelco (click images to enlarge)

Description of Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit by ACDelco

Car Guy Audio are delighted to present the fantastic Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit.

With so many available these days, it is great to have a make you can recognise. The Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit is certainly that and will be a great acquisition.

For this great price, the Acdelco 9748hh Spark Plug Wire Kit comes highly respected and is a popular choice amongst lots of people. ACDelco have provided some great touches and this means good value.

Manufacturer Description

Characteristics and Benefits
Built to match the original tools in duration and suit, ACDelco Expert Ignition Wire Sets also provide a overall performance benefit over many aftermarket goods.
  • Developed to match Authentic Gear wire sets in vital locations such as cable duration and diameter, final design and style and insulator situation
  • Have wide coverage accessible for most cars on the highway these days from 1980 to existing
  • Supply a high degree of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression
  • Are designed to provide suit, sort and operate for the best possible overall performance
  • Kevlar®-bolstered fiberglass main in select sets for increased power
  • Main sheathed in radio-static absorbent materials for increased RFI suppression
  • Wire-wound, stainless metal alloy conductor for greatest spark delivery and RFI suppression on most apps
  • A layer of conductive heat-resistant latex for added durability
  • Insulating rubber-dependent compound internal jacket will help lessen voltage drop and increase durability
  • Thick silicone outer jacket for outstanding heat resistance
  • Minimal life span warranty*
* To the original retail purchaser. Parts only installation not involved. See your neighborhood retailer or impartial service heart that delivers ACDelco Parts for details.

Did You Know?
Most automobile breakdowns are due to a single of 5 triggers:
  • Out of gasoline
  • Stalled/won't start off engine
  • Lifeless battery
  • Flat tire
  • Overheated engine
Most of these breakdowns can be averted by means of the next actions:
1. Periodic mechanical checkups, particularly when engine stalling, tough commencing or other such signs are signaling problems.
two. Typical tire inspection to spot hurt, uncommon wear or beneath inflation that can direct to tire failure.
3. Seasonal checks and preventive routine maintenance of the cooling method, a repeated element in roadside breakdowns.
four. Be confident the gasoline cap is on restricted after filling up to safeguard in opposition to condensation in the tank. If humidity in the gasoline line freezes, the engine can stall.
Also, obtaining a cellular telephone or portable CB radio is of excellent benefit even though traveling.

What It Does
The Commencing and Charging Program starts off the engine, maintains the battery's charge and gives energy to the electrical add-ons even though the engine is working.

Services & Maintenance
Inspect the battery cables and posts for excellent connections and/or signs of corrosion. Thoroughly clean them if required.
Examine all automobile lights such as headlights, change signals, brake lights and unexpected emergency flashers to be confident they are running at total brightness. A dim light-weight or sluggish flashing change-sign could be a signal of a weak alternator.
Inspect the engine belts frequently. Look for glazing and cracks. Worn belts will impact engine overall performance (See Belts, Wipers and Cooling Program for added belt info).

Developed to provide the best possible overall performance.

Product Features

Designed to match Original Equipment wire sets in critical areas such as cable length and diameter, terminal design and insulator position Wire-wound, stainless steel alloy conductor for maximum spark delivery and RFI suppression on most applications Thick silicone outer jacket for excellent heat resistance Insulating rubber-based compound inner jacket helps minimize voltage drop and enhance durability Limited Lifetime Warranty