Stant 10835 Fuel Cap by Stant

Stant 10835 Fuel Cap by Stant
Stant 10835 Fuel Cap by Stant Stant 10835 Fuel Cap by Stant (click images to enlarge)

Description of Stant 10835 Fuel Cap by Stant

We are happy to stock the fantastic Stant 10835 Fuel Cap.

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Manufacturer Description

Changing an outdated, leaky or missing fuel cap will help save as much as a gallon of fuel each 15 times and can pay for alone in less than a few months. Stant fuel caps are OE type and satisfy or surpass all authentic devices overall performance and protection standards. A fuel/gas cap performs a few very critical features protection of the vehicle's occupants, gas economy and lessen emissions. Protection: Without having a gas cap, gasoline vapors will be present close to your vehicle at all instances. People vapors can be ignited by a random spark or flame and are very dangerous if you are concerned in an incident or rollover. Gas Economic climate: In accordance to Solar Oil Firm analysis, a car with a missing or inoperative gas cap will let 176 lbs . (22 gallons) of gasoline to evaporate above the interval of one calendar year. Emissions: Gasoline vapors emit hydrocarbons which dissolve the earth's ozone layer and trigger smog.

Product Features

Replacing an old, leaky or missing gas cap can save as much as a gallon of gas every 15 days A new gas cap can pay for itself in less than three months. Original equipment performance and safety standards OEM quality construction and materials Original Equipment replacement fuel cap